Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Because of their high screen resolution and multi-functional capabilities, smartphones are cursed with terrible battery life. But with a little knowledge and right handling, you can boost your handset’s battery life and make it work longer than ever.

1. Reduce screen brightness. Everybody loves the large, colourful screen display of smartphones – but not your phone’s battery. It is the screen display that juices out the phone’s battery. Make use of auto-brightness feature that automatically dims or brightens the screen to suit system activities. This mode uses lesser power than constantly running the screen at full brightness.

2. Kill extraneous apps. With smartphones’ multi-tasking capabilities, it is very common that users forget to close an application after using it. Unclosed apps keep running in the background, thus consuming the phone’s battery without you knowing it. Install auto-killer applications for easier closing of unused apps.

3. Avoid live screensavers. Live screensavers are moving wallpapers while your phone is in standby mode. These are commonly used before to avoid screen damage due to static images. Today’s phone displays don’t need it anymore. So, better to just change your live screensaver into your favourite photos if you want to save significant amount of battery juices.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Turning off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use can extend you phone’s battery life. Leaving them on will rapidly drain the battery as it will automatically scan and search for nearby Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

5. Avoid phone vibration. Many users use vibration with their ringtone, which is totally unnecessary. Either ringtone or vibration alone can already notify you when there’s as incoming message or call. However, vibration consumes more battery charge than ringtone. So, it would be best if ringtone is used instead of vibration.

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