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Types of Web Hosting Platforms for Singapore Websites

When you have got your website readied by a designer, you are happy, but in reality, this is just the beginning. In fact, the real challenge lies ahead as you need a Singapore web hosting company to provide a server for your website to be up and running on the internet so that all your customers have access to your site all the time. This is a must so that none of your clients ever finds any difficulty in getting to the site. Though there are many types of web hosting plans in Singapore, shared web hosting is one web hosting plan that suits your requirements to the T while being the most inexpensive web hosting plan.

The cost of a server gets divided
If you do not know what shared web hosting is, it is better to draw an analogy with carpooling. If you go to your office all alone in a car, you pay for its mileage that proves to be expensive. But when you have colleagues sharing the car to reach office, the expense on gas gets divided making it rather inexpensive and even cheaper than public transport. This is the basic principle behind shared web hosting singapore. The server remains the same but all its resources are shared between hundreds, sometimes even thousands of Singapore websites making the monthly charges ridiculously low. This has led to lots of small to medium enterprises going for shared web hosting instead as it is very cheap and provides businesses with more funds to manage their business.

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