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How to Deal with Back Problems

As you grow older, the back muscles are weakened due to inactivity, poor posture and the inevitable “wear and tear”. Other causes include muscle and joint strain, spine changes, psychological tension and other internal diseases. If you experience this, your movements are limited due to pain. But it doesn’t have to be that way because there are things that you can do to be better. Here are some tips that can help you avoid or at least lessen the backache you are feeling:

Lift correctly

It is crucial that you learn to lift correctly. There is one tip that can help you through lifting without suffering much-use your leg muscles (which are stronger than your back muscles) by putting your feet near the base of the object, bending your knees upward and pushing up with your legs.

Avoid sudden movements

As much as possible, avoid subjecting your back to any form of movements that are sudden and irregular.

Improve posture

Posture is important as well. Whether you are sitting or walking, make it a point to improve your posture. Always be conscious about your posture.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is critical. You should consider all muscles rather than just a few.

Beware of weights

If you are trying to do something that involves a lot of weight, make sure that you ask help. Note that extra weight on the abdomen pulls on the vertebrae at the small of the back increasing the spine’s normal curve thereby causing pain.

Avoid over fatigue

If you want to rest, rest anyway. It is best that you avoid over fatigue because exhaustion (physically and mentally) can cause muscle tension. It is time to slow down because of your age. Don’t strain yourself with pressures and personal problems because it can affect your overall health in the long run.

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Dealing with Prostate

Men over 50 may experience enlarging of prostate. The cause of the enlargement is not yet determined. The prostate is a mass of glands and muscle tissue wrapped around the urethra and base of the bladder. The prostrate provides a fluid that transports and nourishes the spermatozoa. If you want to know about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, you can read this:


It is important that you know the warning signs so that you can ask help right away. If you feel that it is hard to urinate, there is a possibility that you have an enlarged prostate. Furthermore, if you notice that there is an initial blocking of the urine or your pour out lack force, you feel that you cannot empty the bladder, urgent needs to urinate and if you have pain or blood in the urine, it is time to go to the doctor.


Physicians will do rectal examination. If the physician discovers an enlargement, he can usually treat it in early stages with a simple massage. However if it has progressed too far, he will consider operation.

A rectal examination can also discover early stages of cancer of the prostate.


Unfortunately this condition does not manifest early so it is important that men over 40 submit to rectal examination. If the disease is detected and treated early, the cure rate is very high. There are surgery, hormonal therapy and radiation that you can choose.

When treatment is by surgery, the entire prostate and upper urethra may be removed. In some cases, the disease may be relieved by treatment with female hormones.

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Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Because of their high screen resolution and multi-functional capabilities, smartphones are cursed with terrible battery life. But with a little knowledge and right handling, you can boost your handset’s battery life and make it work longer than ever.

1. Reduce screen brightness. Everybody loves the large, colourful screen display of smartphones – but not your phone’s battery. It is the screen display that juices out the phone’s battery. Make use of auto-brightness feature that automatically dims or brightens the screen to suit system activities. This mode uses lesser power than constantly running the screen at full brightness.

2. Kill extraneous apps. With smartphones’ multi-tasking capabilities, it is very common that users forget to close an application after using it. Unclosed apps keep running in the background, thus consuming the phone’s battery without you knowing it. Install auto-killer applications for easier closing of unused apps.

3. Avoid live screensavers. Live screensavers are moving wallpapers while your phone is in standby mode. These are commonly used before to avoid screen damage due to static images. Today’s phone displays don’t need it anymore. So, better to just change your live screensaver into your favourite photos if you want to save significant amount of battery juices.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Turning off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use can extend you phone’s battery life. Leaving them on will rapidly drain the battery as it will automatically scan and search for nearby Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

5. Avoid phone vibration. Many users use vibration with their ringtone, which is totally unnecessary. Either ringtone or vibration alone can already notify you when there’s as incoming message or call. However, vibration consumes more battery charge than ringtone. So, it would be best if ringtone is used instead of vibration.

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Take Better Travel Photos with Your Smartphone

Taking good quality photos while on travel doesn’t always have to be from a DSLR camera. You can snap great photos just with your smartphone. How to improve images taken by your phone? Here are some tips to help you out.

Pick the best angle

Angles add drama to photos. Look for interesting angles by snapping several photos of your subject. Capture images of the cityscape from third floor of the building instead of ground level. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to put your phone in capturing gigantic buildings and infrastructures. It adds to the element of gigantism when photos are taken from down low.

Rule of thirds

Make use of your phones’ Grid features to apply rule of thirds every snapshot. The gridlines help improve photo compositions and serve as your guide to make sure your view is levelled. To improve photo composition, place interesting subjects around the points where the gridlines intersect.

Make use of natural light

Take several shots of your subject in different light angles. For example, landscape photos looks better when taken in low sunlight, either toward sunset or early in the morning. For portrait shots, open shade or cloudy day is better than overhead sun lighting.

Make use of night camera app

Smartphones have the common problem when taking pictures at night, they become blurry. The best solution is to download a night camera app that lets you take great photos at night minus the blurriness.


Poorly lighted photos don’t have to be junked. A slight adjustment in brightness, contrast and saturation will already make your subject shine. Use your phone’s built-in editing features or make use of photo editor apps for easier adjustments.

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