Dealing with Prostate

Men over 50 may experience enlarging of prostate. The cause of the enlargement is not yet determined. The prostate is a mass of glands and muscle tissue wrapped around the urethra and base of the bladder. The prostrate provides a fluid that transports and nourishes the spermatozoa. If you want to know about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, you can read this:


It is important that you know the warning signs so that you can ask help right away. If you feel that it is hard to urinate, there is a possibility that you have an enlarged prostate. Furthermore, if you notice that there is an initial blocking of the urine or your pour out lack force, you feel that you cannot empty the bladder, urgent needs to urinate and if you have pain or blood in the urine, it is time to go to the doctor.


Physicians will do rectal examination. If the physician discovers an enlargement, he can usually treat it in early stages with a simple massage. However if it has progressed too far, he will consider operation.

A rectal examination can also discover early stages of cancer of the prostate.


Unfortunately this condition does not manifest early so it is important that men over 40 submit to rectal examination. If the disease is detected and treated early, the cure rate is very high. There are surgery, hormonal therapy and radiation that you can choose.

When treatment is by surgery, the entire prostate and upper urethra may be removed. In some cases, the disease may be relieved by treatment with female hormones.

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