How to Deal with Back Problems

As you grow older, the back muscles are weakened due to inactivity, poor posture and the inevitable “wear and tear”. Other causes include muscle and joint strain, spine changes, psychological tension and other internal diseases. If you experience this, your movements are limited due to pain. But it doesn’t have to be that way because there are things that you can do to be better. Here are some tips that can help you avoid or at least lessen the backache you are feeling:

Lift correctly

It is crucial that you learn to lift correctly. There is one tip that can help you through lifting without suffering much-use your leg muscles (which are stronger than your back muscles) by putting your feet near the base of the object, bending your knees upward and pushing up with your legs.

Avoid sudden movements

As much as possible, avoid subjecting your back to any form of movements that are sudden and irregular.

Improve posture

Posture is important as well. Whether you are sitting or walking, make it a point to improve your posture. Always be conscious about your posture.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is critical. You should consider all muscles rather than just a few.

Beware of weights

If you are trying to do something that involves a lot of weight, make sure that you ask help. Note that extra weight on the abdomen pulls on the vertebrae at the small of the back increasing the spine’s normal curve thereby causing pain.

Avoid over fatigue

If you want to rest, rest anyway. It is best that you avoid over fatigue because exhaustion (physically and mentally) can cause muscle tension. It is time to slow down because of your age. Don’t strain yourself with pressures and personal problems because it can affect your overall health in the long run.

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