Take Better Travel Photos with Your Smartphone

Taking good quality photos while on travel doesn’t always have to be from a DSLR camera. You can snap great photos just with your smartphone. How to improve images taken by your phone? Here are some tips to help you out.

Pick the best angle

Angles add drama to photos. Look for interesting angles by snapping several photos of your subject. Capture images of the cityscape from third floor of the building instead of ground level. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to put your phone in capturing gigantic buildings and infrastructures. It adds to the element of gigantism when photos are taken from down low.

Rule of thirds

Make use of your phones’ Grid features to apply rule of thirds every snapshot. The gridlines help improve photo compositions and serve as your guide to make sure your view is levelled. To improve photo composition, place interesting subjects around the points where the gridlines intersect.

Make use of natural light

Take several shots of your subject in different light angles. For example, landscape photos looks better when taken in low sunlight, either toward sunset or early in the morning. For portrait shots, open shade or cloudy day is better than overhead sun lighting.

Make use of night camera app

Smartphones have the common problem when taking pictures at night, they become blurry. The best solution is to download a night camera app that lets you take great photos at night minus the blurriness.


Poorly lighted photos don’t have to be junked. A slight adjustment in brightness, contrast and saturation will already make your subject shine. Use your phone’s built-in editing features or make use of photo editor apps for easier adjustments.

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